Other Patterns

This Pattern came from an old book that the Sisters have. It appears to be a hollow braid.

Crocheted Cinctures:

Double Thread, white, No.3;

Crochet hook No. 3 or 4. Chain 5;

Make double crochet in first stitch of chain making circle catch the inside threads of chain. This throws the spiral ridge around the outside. Continue this, for the entire cord is made up of single chain, row after row until the cord is 4.5 yards long. The only difficulty is in learning which inner stitch to lift. When we remember that the cord is heavy and double we soon learn to go down a bit to catch the next inner stitch.

The German Pattern

The photo of this pattern looks correct. The owners of the book were a couple of 90 year old German

Franciscan Nuns. The instructions are in German.

Hakeln einer Schnur.

Man beginnt mit 4 Lftm. schlietst diese zu einmen Ring. (Begin with 4 chains joined to make a ring?) In jede Lftm. wird eine d. M. gearbeitel. Bei den folgenden 2-3 Reihen Hakelt man in jede d. M. der Vorreihe wieder 1 d. M. Bei alien folgenden Reihen Faslt man das waagrechte Glied, welchas zwishen 2 d. M. der Vorreihe lieght, daduch entstehen spiraienformig laufdende Rippen.

Soli die Schnur stacker (dicker) werden, schlagt man entsorechend mehr Lftm. an.

Manuela's Translation

Dear Leisa, here comes some translation. Although I have to admit, I can only guess what d.M. is. I guess nowadays it would read f.M., which would be single crochet in America. This does give the horizontal in between sts, and hooking into those gives a spiral look, that is, without a chain st closing the rounds.

Crocheting a rope

As you said: Begin with 4 chains joined to make a ring In every chain work a single crochet. In the following 2-3 rows work a single crochet in every single crochet of the former row. After that insert the hook into the horizontal thread between 2 single crochets of the former row, like that spiraling ribs are built.

If the rope should be thicker, cast on more chains in the beginning. Well, maybe you will have to translate *my* english to real english :):)

Hope that was understandable. Else please let me know, I will try to be clearer.

Maybe somebody else knows more about the d.M. Not even my oldest books on crochet mentioned this, I have checked women's journals from 1866, and Dillmont's book. But it does look good, just tried it.Thank you for sharing this! It gives a very nice rope.


Crochet Neck Chain

The chain is made by commencing with five plain stitches, then putting the needle through the back of the second stitch, and making one plain stitch. It will be found, by twisting the chain after every stitch, that one stitch appears to go across, which is the stitch that is always to be taken and crocheted.